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 About Us

Our Philosophy

Music Temple is the place of high learning of music for everyone of all ages and all levels. It is where the honing of music skills and the fostering of creativity bloom. Here music lessons are given in the most exciting and rewarding way where emphasis is on the enjoyment of learning and the encouragement of artistic ingenuity. Ultimately at Music Temple one finds educational fulfillment and musical enlightenment.

Our History


Music Temple is the brainchild of Bruce Atomo, a music maestro and one of the leading music educators in Asia and beyond. After more than a decade living overseas as a professional musician and music educator, Mr. Atomo finally returned home to Indonesia in 2006. As soon he came home, fame entered his life as he joined a popular rock band here called eVo. As convenient as that may sound, being a rock star is not Mr. Atomo’s only goal. He also needed to get back to his passion in teaching music. He was especially concerned of the lack of good music education all over the country. Hence he founded Music Temple along with his partner Nadia Marinka. Initially MT started as a very small music lesson service in 2008 with no official name whatsoever, and it finally evolved to what it is today with the brand name that we all are proud of. Music Temple is originally based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and now it's expanding globally with our online lessons offered all over the world. Throughout the years Music Temple is known as one of the best English-speaking music schools of top international quality. We may still be a small business, but over the years we have become the premier music lesson service for expats & international communities in Indonesia and beyond. In addition, we are also delighted to have worked with top international schools in the country such as Jakarta International School, Australian International School, and Netherlands International School; and until today we’re pleased to continuously provide top quality music lessons for their students. Also throughout the years, Music Temple takes pleasure in organising concerts/recitals where our students have the wonderful opportunity to perform in public and grow as a musician and as a person. We are a proud, growing small business which focuses on the international communities and everyone else all over the world. In a nutshell, we are the best in what we do and will continue to be the best for you and for your children.

Founder’s Notes 


Why you or your child should learn music at the Music Temple?

Initially we started Music Temple due to our concern on shortage of good music education in Indonesia, and later due to our endeavour to take music education globally in the 21st century. Now wherever you live on the globe, we can proudly say we are certainly one of the best places in the world for you or your children to learn music.
As bold as that may sound, here’s what you need to know about us: All our teachers are certified music educators with international experience and the best in their respective instruments. Their wide range of expertise spans from performance and production to composition and pedagogy. Music Temple is also an internationally oriented institution, so all our staff are fluent in English. Please stop wasting your time in sending your kids to the wrong school and wrong teachers. Come to Music Temple and learn music the proper way with our qualified, dedicated teachers and our solid, forward-thinking curriculum.

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