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Our Honchos

Our Head Honchos

Mighty One Man Band

Along with founding Music Temple and leading its daily operation, Mr. Atomo also teaches occasional and periodical masterclasses to both teachers & students here. Due to his wide range of musical expertise, he teaches a plethora of masterclasses such as guitar, piano, voice, drums, violin, rock band, jazz ensemble, composition and music theory, to name a few. Bruce Atomo (birth name: Sulaiman Rangga Tarmizi), or more famously known as Mighty One Man Band is a music maestro and one of the leading music educators in the region. After more than a decade living overseas as a professional musician and educator, he returned to his home country Indonesia during the noughties. His comprehensive resume spans from receiving a merit scholarship & graduating from the world-renowned Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA) to being a key-member of the famous Indo band eVo. Currently he’s also undertaking a massive solo project called Mighty One Man Band where he manually and simultaneously plays a vast array of musical instruments live by himself. People who have witnessed it have said that Mighty One Man Band might spark a musical uprising for the 21st century. Putting any of the hype aside, Mr. Atomo will always love teaching music and sharing knowledge with others.

Bruce Atomo

(Founder/Principal Sensei)

Nadia Marinka co-founded Music Temple together with Mr. Atomo several years ago. They are the ones who built the foundation of MT from scratch. An entrepreneur with a good heart, Nadia ran our management and daily operation with perseverance which has taken MT to where we are right now. For instance, she was instrumental in establishing Music Temple’s partnership with several reputable international schools in Jakarta. She is also responsible for acquiring the first dozens of students at MT, and from there it has grown into hundreds! Her entrepreneurial skills are obvious as it can be seen in the positive growth of Music Temple and also in the known success of her family restaurant business, Yoghurt Cisangkuy. Now Nadia continues to be an integral part of Music Temple by serving as a forewoman who manages and supervises everyone in the team and constantly keeps MT healthy and thriving as a music institution.

Nadia Marinka


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