MT Guitar Senseis

Mr. Tino (Guitar Sensei)


Zetiantino Hutabarat, or Mr. Tino, is a versatile guitarist and an all-around great human being. So many genres of music such as classical, folk, jazz, funk, blues, rock, metal, and whatever else you can throw at Tino, he got them all under his pocket. Being able to play almost all kinds of music has landed him many gigs as a session guitarist. Not even mentioning his positive, great attitude which makes everyone keep wanting to work with him. Because of this, Tino’s guitar playing is often seen and heard on the local radio, national TV, and in live concerts all over the country. On top of that, he is also a full-time member in the modern rock band Jumper-Fi and in the funky, soulful jazz band Soul & The Brothers.

Tino's strong educational background and teaching experience are absolutely notable as well. He is a scholarship recipient and an honor graduate of Professional Guitar Academy (an advanced department of Guitar School of Indonesia). Furthermore, he has also been personally trained by Music Temple’s principal sensei, Mr. Atomo. All of Tino’s learnings have now made him an exceptional guitar educator. Patience, understanding, creativity, diligence  and attention to details are the qualities that Tino holds dearly in his teachings. He says for him teaching is the way to share between human beings and the way to become an even better musician and better person. In a nutshell, Tino is a beloved sensei here at Music Temple.

Mr. Duddy (Guitar Sensei)


Duddy Junaedi first learned the guitar in high school, and since then music had become his life’s main impetus. His long, illustrious music career ranges from being an in-demand session guitarist to being a successful guitar teacher at various music schools. Mr. Duddy has been teaching at Music Temple since 2012, and he had also taught guitar at other well-known institutions. As a musician, he also travels regularly in representing Indonesia at cultural events around the world.

Mr. Thesar (Guitar Sensei)


Thesar Zacharias is an experienced guitar player and educator. He has done session guitar works for many famous Indonesian artists, and he has also taught at well-known music schools such as Music Temple and Yamaha Music School. Thesar has also served as a jury for many music competitions in the country. He has been teaching at Music Temple since early 2014, and here we know him for his zen and as well for his comic qualities :)

Mr. Biondi (Guitar Sensei)


Biondi Noya is a shredder and a virtuoso on the guitar. He posseses an original and strong character in his styles and tones. Biondi can seamlessly blend metal, neo-classical, jazz and progressive rock into his guitar playing. Not mentioning he also has an intimidating presence on stage as he uses an 8-string electric guitar everytime he performs!

As a professional musician, Biondi is the guitarist and bandleader of two bands: Van Java and Trodon. With them, he has performed at big events such as LA Light Indiefest, Indienation, Jazz Traffic Festival, and Java Jazz Festival, to name a few.

Adding to his busy schedule and impressive resume, Biondi is also the music director for music ministry at Gereja Kristen Indonesia (GKI) in Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan.

Biondi Noya has been with Music Temple as an outstanding guitar teacher since 2014. For those of you who are eager to learn how to play metal, rock, neo-classical or jazz, Biondi is the perfect teacher for you!

Mr. Adien (Guitar Sensei)


Fazrin Ismail (or more known as Adien) is a guitarist and instructor, known for his work with the bands Albattar, Echotones and Agam Hamzah Acoustic Connection.

Adien began playing guitar at the age of 14. He named Brian May of Queen and Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple as his two major musical influences, but his record collection also included Flamenco (i.e. Paco de Lucia), Jazz (i.e. Miles Davis), Heavy Metal (i.e. Pantera) and many more.

While studying Musicology at Jakarta Institute Of The Arts, Adien graduated from Farabi Lembaga Pendidikan Musik in 2009; and he also took private lessons from Indonesian guitar legends such as Donny Suhendra and Agam Hamzah, going deep into both acoustic and electric guitar in the styles of of pop, rock, jazz, flamenco and beyond.

Playing regularly at TVRI talk shows since a young age, as well as being a session player for popular Indo artists such as J-Rocks, Astrid, Afgan or Anda Perdana, Adien has become the personification of guitar. Adding furthermore to his resume, he has also performed with Donny Suhendra and Agam Hamzah at Bandung Jazz Break Revival (2009), and with Agam Hamzah Acoustic Connection at JAK JAZZ (2009) and at SuddenJazz Jakarta (2011). In 2012, Adien was also chosen as the ambassador for Indonesian local guitar brand called “Stephallen Guitar”. 

Adien has been a member of bands such as Echotones (they performed at Jakarta Guitar Festival 2013 and The World Youth Jazz Festival 2014 in Malaysia) and as well as being in a progressive rock group called Gizmoina (they recorded an album in 2012). In 2015 he also played at Progressive Rock Nite and The Indonesian Jazz Festival with his other band Albattar.

As a guitarist, Adien is an active member of GTS (an Indonesian guitarist community), functioning as a clinician in the community board while also maintaing deep connections with big names in the Indonesian guitar world such as Tohpati and Dewa Budjana.

As a guitar instructor, Adien has an impressive trajectory, teaching since 2007 at prestigious institutions such as Music Temple, Jakarta International School Academy and Music School of Indonesia, to name a few.

Since 2010, Adien has put his heart and soul in flamenco music. He has been intensely learning and immersing himself with everything flamenco and all its cultural aspects (its guitar playing, dancing, language, etc.). His passion for flamenco has come into fruition as now he teams up with a native Spanish dancer & singer Ángela López, and the duo has been frequently performing shows and conducting workshops since 2014. Having said that, Adien is a master in fingerstyle picking, a technique that is prevalent in both flamenco and classical guitar. So for those who desire to learn not only on electric guitar, please also consider to study flamenco or classical guitar from the master himself, Mr. Adien.

MT Voice Senseis

Mr. Jimmy (Voice Sensei)


Jimmy Wong is one of our voice gurus. He studied at Institut Musik Indonesia (IMI), majoring in Voice Performance. He also took private voice lessons from famous Indonesian musicians such as Indra Aziz and Deviana Daudsjah, to name a few. While versatile in all styles of music, his preferred genre are R&B, soul and the blues. As a performer, he has played at Java Jazz Festival, Jak Jazz Festival, Voice of Christmas, World AIDS Day, Gema Musik Indonesia, and many more. Currently, Jimmy is busy making his own album, as well as occupying himself in teaching at Music Temple and performing at weddings, cafes, and more. Hone your singing craft by taking lessons from our very own Jimmy Wong!

MT Strings Senseis

Ms. Achi (Violin Sensei)


Asri Hardjakusumah (also known as Achi) graduated from the Faculty of Art and Design, ITB Bandung. She is a violinist, music arranger, film composer and songwriter. She was a former violinist of SHE (a famous Indonesian female band) which had released its debut album on January 2005 under Sony BMG Music Indonesia. She is also a session player for many kinds of events (weddings, recording sessions, regular gigs at hotels, etc.) and she has been doing these activities since 2000 until now! Achi was the string arranger of Bumi Band (Malaysian act); arranger, music director, strings arranger of “Tuhan”, one of the legendary songs from Bimbo (Indonesian artist) and the film composer for an omnibus children movie by Upi entitled “Princess, Bajak Laut, dan Alien”. She was the 1st winner of Sounds Like The Corrs competition held by Java Musikindo. She was also endorsed by Yamaha for one of its famous products, ‘Yamaha Silent Violin’. There are so many accolades that Achi has achieved which can’t be mentioned one by one here. Just come and join her class and experience top-quality lessons given by a truly professional musician!

Mr. Junardi (Cello Sensei)


Junardi Tjung studied cello performance at Pendidikan Musik Perguruan “Cikini”. He was prepared not only to be a performer but also to be a good teacher who is able to teach anyone from children to adults. Currently, he’s busy performing at wedding gigs, several orchestras and various musical events. He’s also a cellist in VOJ (Voice Of Joy) Choir & Orchestra. If you find yourself into classical music, you should try cello as your principal instrument, and have Mr. Junardi as your instructor.

MT Brass Senseis

Mr. Leo (Saxophone, Trumpet, Flute, Clarinet, Baritone Sensei)


Leo Mulyanto is the only teacher who can play multiple wind instruments, from Saxophone, Trumpet, Flute, Recorder, Clarinet and Baritone. We call him ‘Leo the SATB’ because of his expertise in playing Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone (SATB) Saxophone! Leo is also involved in Tino's jazz band named Soul And The Brothers. Join Leo’s class now if you want to be the SATB-Saxophone player too!

Mr. Nico (Saxophone & Flute Sensei)


Nicolaus Edwin Fitrianto studied at Sjuman School of Music, majoring in Saxophone Performance. His passion in music is emphasised in the genre of jazz and in the field of music pedagogy. Nico has been teaching Saxophone at Music Temple since 2013. Besides teaching, Nico also has a band named Jong Java, blending Keroncong genre with jazz.

MT Piano Senseis

Mr. Yosia (Piano Sensei)


Yosia Elim studied classical piano for 11 years and continued to study pop keyboard for 2 years. Currently, he is busy with both teaching and performing, having many students at Music Temple while also performing at churches and various events frequently.

Ms. Nina (Piano Sensei)


Priskila Karina (Nina) is one of the excellent piano teachers we have at Music Temple. She passed The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) Piano Grade 7 with distinction and Grade 8 with merit. As a musician, Nina is a member of Vox Angelirum Choir since 2011 until now and she has performed at several prestigious events such as Requiem for The Mother of Songs (Bangkok, Thailand), ABRSM High Scorer’s Concert, 15 Years Milestone Journey Concert, VAGTE (Vox Angelirum Goes To Europe) and Badan Narkotika Nasional (BNN) Event at Istana Kepresidenan Republik Indonesia. Nina had her highest achievement in her music career by receiving Gold Medal in Musica Sacra Category and Gold Medal in Musica Profana Category at The 6th Musica Sacra, a Roma International Choir Competition and Festival in Rome, Italy in 2015. Before joining Music Temple in 2015, Nina became a pianist and also a teacher assistant at Bina Vokalia Pranadjaja Pusat from 2012 until 2014. If you are interested to take piano lessons, Nina will be there to share her piano skills and her music experience with you.

Ms. Nadia (Piano Sensei)


Nadia Maria Kosim is one of the professionally trained piano players and exceptional teachers who has come on board with Music Temple. She began learning piano at Yamaha Music Course, then moved to Yayasan Musik Jakarta, and finally obtaining her Piano Performance Degree from Universitas Pelita Harapan. Nadia participated in many master classes, training and workshops such as eurhytmic workshop, pedagogy workshop, Chopin seminar, and piano master class by Steven Spooner. Nadia had two achievements in her piano career such as first prize in Beethoven piano competition by Yayasan Musik Jakarta in 2004, and she also received first prize in international piano competition by Eli Lim Music School in 2007. She began to teach piano at Dutanada Music School from 2008 to 2010, then moved to Maestro Music School from 2010 until 2012, then at Gitanada Music School from 2012 to 2013, until finally joining Music Temple as a piano teacher from 2014 until now. Besides piano, Nadia can also play oboe, and she joined UPH Orchestra and Twilight Youth Orchestra as an oboe player for many years. If you want quality piano lessons, Nadia is an excellent choice to be your teacher!

MT Drums Senseis

Mr. Oka (Drums, Audio Production Sensei)


Widiatmono Kapriandi a.k.a. Mr. Oka is a visionary drummer, composer, educator, and a renaissance music man. He is an alumnus of International College of Music (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), a drummer/principal composer of the explorative band ‘8’, a recording engineer, and a studio owner. At Music Temple he teaches numerous classes such as drums, audio production, rock band, and music theory. His supreme command on his instruments makes him a music jedi, and he sports a perpetual ‘guru’ long hair to match his mastery of music skills :)

Mr. Josh (Drums Sensei)


Josh Manurung is a versatile drummer and he’s very qualified in playing various styles of rhythm ranging from latin to jazz, pop to rock, and everything in between. He started playing drums at an early age and he discovered drumming as his calling in life. Josh's natural & superb command in his playing also translates to his teaching where he's regarded as one of the most favorite drum teachers at Music Temple.

Mr. Hario (Drums Sensei)


Hario Yudho is a session drummer and outstanding teacher. He likes to play any genre of music, from pop, rock to jazz, funk and more. Because of his versatility, he has scored numerous gigs as a session drummer for popular Indonesian artists. Before coming back home to Indonesia, he previously lived in Germany for 10 years. He studied Jazz and Contemporary Music in Frankfurter Musikwerkstatt (Germany) and continued his study furthermore in Future Music School (also in Germany as well), obtaining professional degree in drums.

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