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Voice Sensei

Ann Z Balthazar

  • Music Director for GPIB Jemaat Effatha since 2018. 


  • Choir Instructor for Children, Youth and Adult GPIB Jemaat Effatha since 2018.


  • Conductor and Piano instructor for Effatha Junior Orchestra since 2018.


  • Vocal Instructor and Piano Teacher at Indonesia Youth Orchestra from 2007 until 2011.


  • Vocal instructor for the famous Indonesian vocalist Rayi Putra Rahardjo (from RAN) in 2007.


  • Vocal Instructor for the famous Indonesian actress and singer-songwriter Sherryl Senafia in 2008.


  • Children vocal and choir instructor for Pelangiku, a children music album released in 2003.


  • Has been teaching voice lessons at Music Temple since January 2020.


  • Has been giving voice lessons at Australian International School (AIS) since February 2020 as an extracurricular teacher provided by Music Temple.

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