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Our Lessons
Our Lessons - Baritone Lesson

Our Lessons

Covid-19 Update:

Music Lessons continue to be important during these challenging times as they strengthen our immune system.

Our learning platform has moved online and remains strong. Read our explanation on this subject matter here:

For Private Classes, we have:


- Guitar (Electric & Acoustic), Bass Guitar, Mandolin

- Drums

- Voice

- Piano, Keyboard

- Violin, Cello

- Saxophones, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet

- MIDI Programming/Audio Production.

Genres that we cover:
You name it. We teach everything from classical to rock and everything from jazz to electronica, and everything from world music to pop. Music is universal and has no boundaries. For more details on our lesson curriculum, please don't hesitate to contact us.

For private (or group) classes above, students can choose the following options:


Private Lesson Options:

  • Private one-on-one lesson, 30 minutes  per lesson, once a week, 4 times per month.

  • Private one-on-one lesson, 30 minutes per lesson, twice a week, 8 times per month.

  • Private one-on-one lesson, 1 hour per lesson, once a week, 4 times per month.

  • Private one-on-one lesson, 1 hour per lesson, twice a week, 8 times per month.

Group Lesson Options:

  • Group lesson with a minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 8 students, 1 hour per lesson, once a week, 4 times per month.

  • Group lesson with a minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 8 students, 1 hour per lesson, twice a week, 8 times per month.

  • Group lesson with a minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 8 students, 2 hours per lesson, once a week, 4 times per month.

In addition to the lessons above, we also offer classes that are only in Groups:


1. Rock Band

Rock band is a group of musicians, consisting of vocalist, guitarist, bassist, drummer and sometimes keyboardist that play rock music. Here you’ll learn songs from famous rock bands such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Metallica, Guns n’ Roses, and many more.

2. Jazz Ensemble

A jazz ensemble is any group of musicians that play jazz and free improvisation. Such a band is typically composed of several wind instruments/brass section, piano, guitar and a rhythm section (bass & drums). Students will focus on playing standard jazz arrangements with special attention to the swing feel and beyond (i.e. bossa nova, fusion, etc.), playing through song forms, and the further development of standard jazz repertoire and vocabulary. Emphasis will be given to stylistic integrity, as well as melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic refinement.


3. String Ensemble

A string ensemble is a musical ensemble consisting of several string instruments, such as violin, viola, cello and sometimes it’s combined with piano and a rhythm section. The string ensemble is one of the most prominent ensembles in classical music, and it's popular as well in modern context. Emphasis in this class will be placed on sight-reading, ensemble-playing awareness, repertoire building and many more.

All these strictly group classes must have a minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 8 students. Each class session is 2 hours in duration, once a week, and 4 times a month. To join these classes, students must audition first, and they will be placed with fellow students who are on the compatible skill level.

Our Learning Models


Since Covid-19, we offer the following learning models :

  • Online Lessons using Zoom or Google Meet for students living anywhere in the world.

  • House-Call Lessons for students who live in Dublin, Ireland and Jakarta, Indonesia (yes upon request and under the current health standard, we do send our teachers to regularly teach at your house in these cities). However, please note that we do not offer 30-minute lessons for house-call lessons.


Note about online lessons for children:
Generally for children below 13 years old and children with special needs, an adult attendance must be present next to them during the live video calls. This is very important for the overall effectiveness since our teacher can not physically assist your child through a mere internet communication.


First Lesson:
Before you have regular weekly lessons at Music Temple, you may choose to have your first lesson as a one-time commitment only with no obligation beyond that. This can be a good introduction and a great way to know how it would feel to learn music from us.

Age group whom we teach:

Children as young as 5 years old, teenagers, adults and seniors.


Additional Information for Students and Parents:


It is vital that you or your children have their own instrument to practice with at home. If you need advice on choosing and buying an instrument, then please ask a Music Temple staff or teacher.


Lesson Books

Each student will be asked to buy a lesson book which will be used as the basis for learning. This book must be brought to lesson every time. Details of the lesson materials from the book will be given by the teacher every week.


Practice Record

Each student MUST come to each class with a practice-record book. This book will be given at the first lesson as it will be used by the teacher to assign homework and by the student to record their practice duration for the coming weeks. It is vital that your child practices their chosen instrument on a regular basis. When a child starts learning an instrument we recommend that you encourage them to practice at least 15-30 minutes each day. This short, regular practice will ensure their consistent motoric development in playing music and also so that they can make the most of their lesson time each week. Please do not encourage your child to play for hours at a time (with large gaps between their practice days and their off days) as that is inefficient and may cause excessive, unnecessary physical pain when starting out.

Closing notes on the lessons offered at Music Temple:

Music Temple is a cutting-edge and a constantly progressing music ed institution. Having said that, the variety of classes we'll offer in the future will be more. The lesson programs and curriculum are always evolving and developing. Just like the genius electronic musician Brian Transeau says: "The only constant is change."

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