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"We feel that Kay's drums teacher is both a role model as well as a great teacher. It isn't just about the drums lesson - he has spoken to Kay about values which I think is amazing. Keep up the great work ethic! This is about life as much as it is about music lessons."


Mr. Shubhabrata S, Kay's Father (Drum Student)

"Used to a quality musical environment and a large choice of specialized music education in Chicago, we were anxious to find a good violin tutor when arriving in Jakarta. Our son has chosen music for his IGCSE and needs private tuitions on top of his school practice. We selected Music Temple at first because of its convenient location but quickly realized that the teaching was of a very high, professional level. We feel very lucky to have been allotted a time slot that fits with the school schedule. The staff is always understanding and accommodating, which is as important, for teenagers, as the technical aspects of music education. Our son likes his teacher and enjoys working with him. We would highly recommend Music Temple to other parents."


Mrs. Soizick C, Liam's Mother (Violin Student)

"Mr. Atomo would meet the ultimate definitions of a music teacher. He has many strong traits. Firstly, he is very organized as he always prepares extra sheets for guidance. Also, he demonstrates confidence in me as he challenges me with difficult pieces, but works hard to help me succeed. Mr. Atomo also has a keen ear for music. I recall once giving him a song to teach me. Although he had not heard of it before, he picked it up almost instantly. He has a deep knowledge of music and is very keen to share it. He places high priority on the basics of music, as mastering the basics is the foundation for success. I enjoy that he focuses on a variety of genres, including classical, jazz, pop and rock. I enjoy my classes with Mr. Atomo very much as he creates a relaxed and fun learning environment."


Robyn S (Guitar Student)

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